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ACT Continued Professional Development

Course name Continued Professional Development ACT
Course summary Access Canberra is responsible for licensing and registration of real estate, business & stock and station agents. The Act requires licensed agents and registered salespersons to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) as a condition of licence and registration renewal.

There are three categories of learning in relation to which points may be obtained for continuing professional development.

We offer the following two types of CPD categories which make up your mandatory 12 CPD points.

  • Category 3: Learning equates to 8 points per unit of competency from the training package.
  • Category 2: Learning equates to 1 point per hour.
Once you undertake and complete both our ACT CPD courses you would have completed your 12 CPD requirements.
Entry requirements N/A
Mode of delivery Flexible around the clock access to our custom built eLearning System. This means you can study anywhere, anytime that suits you.
Course cost $300.00 for both courses; or individually:

  • Category 3: $170.00 (Excludes GST)
  • Category 2: $145.00 (Includes GST)
Duration Some students will finish quicker than others - it really comes down to how much time you put into the 2 courses. We anticipate it will take 4 hours to complete Category 2 and a day for Category 3.
Course outcome Upon successful completion, your certificate of completion will be sent to you within 7 days of the program completion - this is the evidence you will need to provide to your employer or Fair Trading inspector to show that you have met your annual CPD obligations.
Units of competency The CPD activities are drawn from a wide selection approved under the Agents Continuing Professional Development Guideline 2008.

Currently we are offering the following:
  • Category 3: (8 points) Act as a buyers Agent (CPPDSM4001A)
  • Category 2: (4 points) Negotiations topic which addresses aspect from Negotiate effectively in property transactions (CPPDSM4017A)
Licence Holders: If you hold an ACT licence, you are required to complete your CPD points by 30 June each year.

Certificate Holders: If you hold an ACT registration as a sales person, you are required to complete your CPD points by 31 October each year.

Please note that if you have a particular topic for group bookings, we can design custom CPD training for your office.
Special requirements The Institute is willing to assist and support in all ways that they can. Please contact the Institute directly in relation to language, literacy or numeracy support.
Refund policy There is no refund for any online courses for any reason once payment has been made.
USI requirement You are required to obtain a USI number as you study a complete unit of competency as part of your renewal obligations.
Cheating & plagiarism policy Connect Skills Institute reserves the right to cancel any student enrolment, without being obligated to provide a refund for an of the following reasons:

  • The student has been caught cheating
  • The student been caught copying or has identical answers to that of a previous or current student
  • The student cannot justify how they became to have their written/ typed answers
  • Undertaking assessments, agreements, arrangements which would constitute a student not independently completing their individual assessments
  • Asking for answers booklets
  • Offering a bribe, deal, offer, concept, benefit to any Connect Skills Institute employee, contractor, agents, third party providers to obtain “answers of any format”
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